The SweetSeat Experience

SweetSeat is a smart-phone application that brings concessions out of the stone age and in to the tech savvy world of today. It allows fans to order food, drinks, and merchandise through your own mobile device and have it delivered to you in the comfort of your own seat during events.

Time is valuable and comfort is essential, that's why SweetSeat rests its philosophy on these pillars. SweetSeat's cutting edge technology enables fans to get more value for their ticket by avoiding long lines and not having to leave the events mid-play.

So follow these simple steps and Bring the Suite Experience to your seat today...

  1. Go to the SweetSeat app here or download the free app from your mobile app store
  2. Select the venue that your event is taking place at
  3. Select desired food, beverages, and/or merchandise
  4. Input seat number and payment information
  5. Keep watching the action while we bring your order to your seat
  6. Repeat steps as needed