The SweetSeat Experience


SweetSeat is the mobile ordering and payment technology that brings concessions out of the Stone Age and into the tech savvy world of today. SweetSeat turns your mobile device into a virtual Point of Sale (POS). You order and pay for merchandise, food and beverages; it gets delivered right to your seat or made available for pick up; Nailed it!


Mobile ordering is becoming essential for your business to compete in a constantly evolving tech world. With SweetSeat’s mobile ordering platform your business will be prepared with the point of sale (POS) that will adapt to your evolving business needs. SweetSeat is your direct line to the customer’s pocket.

So follow these simple steps and Bring the Suite Experience to your seat today...

  1. Go to the SweetSeat app here
  2. Select the venue that your event is taking place at
  3. Select desired food, beverages, and/or merchandise
  4. Input seat number and payment information
  5. Keep watching the action while we bring your order to your seat
  6. Repeat steps as needed